Giving you the music experience you deserve

Finally giving you a music app that supports iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, landscape orientation, and much, much more.


Lignite Music can do a lot!

There are many reasons to love our app - here are just a few:

Full control on your wrist

We bring back what you have all been longing for: proper playback control on your Apple watch!

Fully browse your iPhone's library on your watch, control playback and get back the freedom that has been taken from you with watchOS 4.

Works on iPhones, iPads & Apple Watches

Works on iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

No matter which of these devices you use, our app will work and look beautiful while doing so.

We recommend the iPad to get the most out of our app and enjoying browsing your library.

Landscape Support

Yes, you have read this right: we support both - portrait and landscape mode.

Lots of thought, love and work went into making sure that the app looks its absolute best, no matter your device's current orientation.

Automatic cover art and artist photo fetching

Automatic album art and artist photo downloading

Have some tracks with missing album art? Don't worry, we got you covered.

Lignite Music automatically downloads photos of any missing album art, along with photos of your artists.

This brings a beautiful array of images to your fingertips wherever you are in Lignite Music.

Gesture-driven and a joy to use

We made the whole app use as many gestures as possible to enable you an easy navigation through the app.

Furthermore, we also made sure that all the buttons are big enough to tap, no matter whether you are working out or are on the move.

Great browsing capabilities

Great browsing capabilities

With a minimizable toolbar always at the bottom, you can comfortably and easily browse all your music.

This bar enables you to search, fully control your playback without leaving the browse view, and/or change your current view (ie. artists, albums, etc).

About us

An international dreamteam

Lignite is an Swiss-Canadian duo who got together online to first create a nice selection of exclusive watchfaces for the Pebble smartwatch and then moved onto creating this music app.

We are music lovers and therefore are immensely passionate about the topic.

Listening to music wherever we go or whatever we do, it therefore has a high importance in our daily life. Having mainly used Apple's stock music app we were left rather frustrated when they disabled the landscape mode and started to make the app more and more cumbersome to use. So we decided to do something about it and bring our very own music app to the App Store.

Our app is optimized to be used single handedly and to display your cover art in all its glory.

We had the initial idea back in 2015 and many, many iterations and redesigns later we have come to where we are now: a beautiful app making it a joy to experience your music.

We have spent countless hours, hard work, dedication and lots of love on this app and are very proud of its outcome.

Enjoy experiencing music the way it should have been all along.

Edwin Finch

Edwin Finch, Developer

Philipp Weder

Philipp Weder, UX Designer


Feedback, requests, anything.